Day 1: Iv really stepped in it this time

my babies

Belle and Missy

Today Missy got so excited to see me come downstairs she peed in her kennel. She hadnt gone all night. She almost made it outside! Well once she got outside she went 3 more times. I stepped in one. It wasnt pee. *Barf*

It was raining today all day which really interfered with our plans . I wanted to go on a jog with Missy and hangout at the dog park with our next door neighbors and their three dogs. It would have been nice for her to get some socialization. Oh well. She will get plenty tonight when we pick Belle up.

So Missy spent most of her time napping. Theres a little white fur rug under my coffee table in the living room. She has decided this is her spot. She layed there on top of my feet while I spent my time job searching for something temporary before the move like maybe an online job, filling out surveys that I will supposedly get reimbursed for, checking email, facebook, and writting my most recent blog post. She was very comfortable there and we took turns doing that, doing chores around the house, cooking, and training. Missy has gotten “Sit” down to a T. We worked on “stay” today and she is progressing very rapidly. Without distractions I can walk into another room come back and she will still be where I left her, sitting and waiting. She isnt consistent with it yet but she knows what she is supposed to do. Now, it just takes practice. Upon my husbands request I have been working on “down” a.k.a lay down with Missy. STUBBBBBB-BORN. She rarely wants to listen to that one and attacks my hand and face when I say it. I think, she thinks lay down means “pounce and aim for the face”. my face is not pounce proof. this is a problem.

She now knows what “good girl” means as well as “no”. For some reason she has an OBSESSION with the kitchen. Last night she would walk up to the threshhold and just stare. I noticed her doing it again this morning while I was cooking breakfast. At first I thought it was because of the food. But all throughout the day whether I was in there or not she would walk to the kitchen stop and stare. Lights on or off it didnt matter. Missy has some kind of fixation with that room. She seems willing to go in there but its almost as if she has been trained not to. I wish I could take credit for this but I cant. However, I have been praising her for stopping and using her knack to not go in the kitchen to help with the “stay” training by telling her to “stay” everytime she stops and sits at the threshold. shes doing it anyways so its like reinforcing the word for when I practice it in other areas of the house.

So far we have “sit” “no” “stay” and “good girl”. Missy is beginning to understand “take it” and “drop it” with her toys! Our focus right now is to lay down, get her better at responding to her name (obviously) and nip her jumping habit. Especially, when people are sitting on the floor and shes aiming for your face with jaws wide open. So the honeymoon is over you guys. This jumping and not listening when I call her or tell her to lay down has got to stop. It will be okay though, Patience is a virtue my friend.

I have noticed she also likes to run in and out of her kennel on her own. she seems to like it there until the door is shut and we are walking away. Then the whinefest commences. She also thinks that the fly that came in through the back door today and wont stop flying around is a toy. fine by me as long as she fetches!

I wonder if theres a critter in my kitchen? Maybe thats why shes interested? Hmmmm…

Obviously with it only being the first full day we are still having trouble with accidents in the house. I tried puppy pads because I have seen them work for my neighbor but I think we bought a different brand. Missy has decided the puppy pads are so much fun to shred into little tiny pieces! “Oh joy! Confetti!” -Said no carnival cleanup crew, ever.

NOTE TO BUYERS: Arm and Hammer puppy pads DO NOT work!!! maybe try to find some that are thicker?

I found out today she is very playful with other dogs. She spent alot of time running around last night and for one of our potty breaks this afternoon with the nieghbors puppies.

When late afternoon came she had to go in her crate while we went to go pick up Belle from a veteran owned horse rescue center where Belle’s foster dad worked. How sweet! Belle was alot bigger than she looked in the picture we recieved! She was also ALOT calmer than I thought she would be. No barking and she took to us immediately. She was an outdoor dog before we got her so I wasnt sure how she was going to take to the house. After a nice long talk with her foster parents we took her home. Unlike Missy, Belle loved the drive back. It only ended up being about 45 mins give or take. She spent most of the time either layed down in the back seat (taking up the whole thing in a full sized pickup!) or standing and looking out the window with her tongue hangin out and tail wagging.

When we finally got to the house her mood changed. This was her first time ever in a home. She didnt want to go inside. I took my husband holding Missy back  and me practically dragging Belle in the house to get her to come inside. Even aftre we shut the door she just stood there for awhile while Missy excitedly jumped all over us and her. She finally had a sister! I was hoping Belle would warm up to her. It didnt take long. At first Missy wouldnt even let her eat but by the end of the night they were going on potty breaks outside together and running circles around me taking turns chasing and tackling one another. Belle definitely thrives outside. Even now when we take her out she is happy to go outside and run and then lay down when she gets tired but that big old pup will NOT come back inside by her own acord. Not with whistling or treats or toys or praise or even chasing after Missy. I dont know what to do about that one yet but Im hoping it will just take time.

Belle does love Tv though. This is the first time she has ever seen one in her life and this wide screen is just blowing her mind right now. My husband played COD (Call of Duty) and she tried to dodge every single bullet! Silly girl! She loves to lay on our unofrtunately expensive rug but I dont mind. As long as theres no serious accidents on it I will be fine. There is white on the rug…. lets see howthat goes. Missy keeps growling at her to try and get her to wrestle but she is not having it until you pull her ear. Thats her big no no. Missy found that out the hard way. They love each other already though. I couldnt be more happy. Daniel worked with them both on commands (at the same time!) while I was typing this and I did my best to ignore him and the dog. Since they have all day with me 7 days a week and only 2 days all day with Daniel its important that he spend some one on one time with them whenever he can, whether Im there or not. Surprisingly, they both did very well as they practiced sitting and laying down.

When it was time to take them outside Missy was ready to go! Belle on the other hand doent understand yet that unlike with her previous owners she IS allowed inside. It took alot of coaxing and quiet a bit of dragging unfortunately to get Belle back inside. I hope its just because she was trained not to come inside and it doesnt have to do with her feelings about the house. We need to get more toys for the dogs. Missy settled down in the kennel with her new kennelmate Belle and we all slept very well. No barking or whinning! This wont be as crazy as I thought 🙂


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