Day 2: Puppies first walk

My babies 🙂

Well today was a pretty relaxed day. We slept in a little bit. I dont think Missy and Belle’s blatters appreciated that. They were very excited to see us when we came down stairs to let them out of their kennel. So excited that Missy pissed herself twice before I could even get her leash on her and out the door. On my favorite area rug….. ugh. I really need to invest in some better puppy pads. Like I saide the arm and hammer one I bought are a piece of crap. No tear technology my butt. So we let them do their business and than Missy and Belle thought it would be a very fun game to try and see how quickly they could tangle up their leashes and each other. I did the leash dance as best as I could crossing and uncrossing my arms, dipping, and weaving. It felt like a mix of the macarina and the cupids shuffle. As much as it tried it didnt matter. The puppies were so tied up in each other that I had to pull them back in and unhook them to get their leashes fix them. Insteda of calling them in and both of them running Belle ran inside all by herself while Missy got drug along with her limping and hopping because the leash was around her leg. She tried so hard to get untangled she ran straight into the side of the house. Silly dog! They spent the rest of the morning wrestling and running around each other. Im glad they get along so well but Missy really needs to stop humping Belle. Thats taking it too far. I dont hump in front of them they shouldnt hump in front of me! hahah 🙂 The good news is though throughtout the day Belle finally understood that she could come back inside. No problems anymore 🙂

Belle is a cuddler. She will come right up night to you and kiss you and snuggle against you. It is the sweetest thing. She is just one big ol teddy bear. She also likes to be the center of attention though. Whenever I would call Missy over to give her some TLC Belle would come running, shove Missy out of the way and demand to be petted with those puppy eyes. I love them both and this just cracked me up.

Even though Missy humps Belle (to show dominance) she doesnt seem to be the dominant one when it comes to food time. I feed them each a bowl 3 times a day (unless we get up late, then two). Missy’s recommended amount for her age and breed is 1 cup and Belle’s is 1 & 1/2 cup per meal. I think whoever decided that likes there dogs all skin and bones. As much as mine run around and burn off calories this just wont do.

Missy seems to be teaching Belle that its ok to jump on us when shes excited. We will have to break that habit. Missy will spend alot of time laid down at my feet but isnt as much as a cuddler. She likes her personal space when she is relaxing for as hyper as she is and if you try to mess with her she will just get up and move. Overall they are both very happy dogs but we will have to schedule a vet appointment soon to make sure they are happy and healhy dogs. I want to make sure that Belle is UTD on all her shots and that both get their rabies and heartworm treatment.

Both pups are getting braver with the kitchen. They now think it is ok to step foot in there. I dont want them getting into that habit because when I am cooking I am all over the kitchen and need my space. They wouldnt be in the way now but when they get older as big of a breed as they both are this could be a problem down the road. When it comes to training I have noticed that Missy is more treat motivated while Belle is more praise motivated. I still am not sure how I will train them both at the same time as they seem to distract each other but I am thinking one on one training with the both of them could prove to be a good idea. Belle is a little better at listening the first time around but doesnt always understand what im trying to tell her while Missy gets it right away but Is so hyper that it takes her much longer to comply.

Whenever Belle hears the neighbors dogs bark she thinks she should start a conversation with them. A little aggrivating but we are working on breaking her of that habit. Our walk today was no different.

We spent a few hours today walking with the puppies and they LOVED  it. Belle wanted to stop and talk to every dog in every yard and Missy wanted to run circles around our legs. Still it was nice to have a walk with my husband and our two babies 🙂 The leaves were falling all around us and I think its safe to say we both built up our arm muscles by the end of that long walk but thats ok. They havent been leash trained and that was the first time they went on more than just a potty break together. It took them awhile to realize they didnt need to tug the whole time but we rationed their leashes until they realized if they werent pulling us and tugging constantly they would have more room to play.

Over all it was a great day with good progress and the dogs have wamred up nicely to their new homes and new family. Since my husband works 5 days a week I have decided weekends will be “Reinforcement days” where we just review training they have learned since living with us. So 5 days a week we will tackle new subjects and two days of rest and review. They will be some sweet smart obedient little pups in no time 🙂


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First time dog owner of two puppies documenting the training and growing process
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