Day 3: Not The High Heels!



So today was just hectic. It wasnt our schedule as much as it was our dogs. We had a nice lazy sunday indoors after a long night of partying. My husband and I went to a halloween party and had a little too much fun. We wanted to recooperate but had never done it with two energetic puppies in the house. We were in for a big surprise. We spent most of the day chilling in the living room with the rest of our family, Missy and Belle. I was worried when we decided we were getting two puppies Daniel would pick a favorite and before we even got them I had a feeling it would be Belle (He loves german sheppherds). After the way things went yesterday I think my fears were confirmed but Missy brought it on herself. He loves them both, dont get my wrong but tornado Missy definitely blew through the house yesterday.

Missy was into EVERYTHING! She was doing laps around the house, knocked over the trash can from running around so much and just would not settle down. We took them out numerous times throughout the day and let them run around and it wore Belle out but not Missy. Yesterday she was the energizer bunny from hell. She just kept going and going and going. Ok thats a bit of an exaggeration. She is way too cute to be from down under but she was quite the terror, I’ll give you that.  She was jumping all over the walls, all over Belle (who didnt mind one bit), all over the chairs and the stairs and us. On top of that her name tag got caught in my fluffy plush bathrobe and broke it. Not her fault she was just excited but it was impossible to get it off of her high energy self without cutting my fingers. So now we  have to replace her tag asap. SMH. Did I mention she kept jumping all over us? I dropped a hair claw on the ground and before i could pick it up Missy made sure she did.She then proceeded to do laps around the living room with it before stopping to lay down and give it a good chew. Good thing those are so easily replaceable. She didnt break it but she did leave marks. Then to make matters worse she would NOT listen to the commands.

The best part was she peed on my husbands work boots. Lovely. We had just taken her out like 10 minutes prior! We were heated. I prefer to used a firm tone with her and timeout if necessary but Daniel prefers the back handed approach. He says theres nothin wrong with giving the dog a good swat when she deserves it. If you can give your kids spankings why cant you give your four legged ones a little love tap when they need it? I guess I cant argue with that logic. I DO NOT agree with people that smack their pets so hard the potty themselves or have to go whimpering off in a corner but if you swat the sparingly and just enough to get their attention I have found they do resond to it, they do learn, and they are right back at your feet panting and licking five minutes later. So for all those animal activists out there who stand on thewir soap boxes and try to tell me im hurting my dogs pysche but physical discipline can back off. Im not hurting my puppies at all. They arent scared of me and love to play with us and each other just as much after they have been corrected.

Anyways, now that I have said my piece, back to the story. Missy peed on my husband’s combat boots. He didnt like that. He gave her a firm talking to and a little thump on her back. She had been yelled at so many times that day for getting out of hand that instead of laying down under the coffe table at our feet she would put herslf in timeout by laying under the dining room table on the other side of the room for 5 minutes before coming back to lay down beside us. After yesterday she really did not want to come when daniel called her. She was cautious but he wrestled around with her, layed down with Missy, and showed her he still loved her she just needed to learn right from wrong. Then 10 minutes later she ran over to the shoe rack and decided to make my new nuede Steve Madden pumps her next meal. REALY?! ugh! I was fuming! All in all I would have to say this: Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got ourselves a trouble maker. Tommorrow we start back with training. Thats it for this bloggie doggie! Thanks for reading 😀

P.S. I’ve found it best not to be stern with the dogs right after you call them. Get into that habit and they wont want to come when called. Even when they do something wrong you can say their name and then “no” they can still hear and understand you without having to stand right in front of you. Always praise them and congratulate them for coming when called while training them. Thye need to learn their name and “come” go hand in hand. They both mean run towards ther person calling you and good things will happen.

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First time dog owner of two puppies documenting the training and growing process
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