Day 4: WHO PASSED GAS?! (and their training today!)

Belle and Daniel

—-Ok so let me start this day off with a BUYERS BEWARE memo. You know those Beggin strips that you see advertised on the commercials? The one where the puppy chases the smell all the way to the kitchen where his owner is holding a bag? where hes saying “bacon bacon bacon baconnnnnn!” over and over again? Yeah well Purina was right, the dogs LOVE them. What they dont tell you is it gives the puppies diarrhea and really bad gas. At least thats what I have found. I bought a bag of Gravy Train treats from my local dollar store that the dogs love that dont mess with their stomachs beforehand. So I think from now on Im going to save my wallet and my nose by not buying Purina Beggin Strips. Some puppy stomachs are different from others but this is my experiance. Nothing against Purina personally, I have talked to alot of my fellow dog owners who have fed their puppies Purina Puppy Chow or Purina Dog food and for some its the only thing that doesnt upset their dogs stomachs. For me? My babies love that brand 🙂

So there I was minding my own business, writting yesterdays blog when one of the two was attacked by the case of the serious flatulance monster. I still dont know who it was but let me tell you…. never again. It was so bad I had to leave the room a couple times.This went on all day!!! It made me so naseous. Im just glad I kept my food down. Honestly, since my angels havent had a change in their diet since they were born I dont think its the Purina Puppy Chow. They dont show any sign of sickness and the odds of them both being sick at the same time is small. We dont feed them table scraps so my only other guess is the treats Iv been using to train them with. So at the end of the day we went back to the dollar tree and picked up the budget friendly, butt friendly option.

However, despite the nastiness we made AWESOME PROGRESS! Starting the day off Belle was being stubborn. She was non responsive to her name, jumping all over Missy when I was trying to train her, and wouldnt even come when whistled at. On a side not the isolation method didnt work. I will have to try something different. When I put Missy inh the bathroom to train Belle she wouldnt be quiet. When I put Belle in their Missy wouldnt stop running over to the bathroom instead of paying attention to me but Belle wouldnt leave Missy alone if she was out while I was trying to train her. To top it off she was definitely our troublemaker of the day. While Missy did slip out of her collar during a potty break and had to be called back inside Belle tried tearing up the white fluffy rug, was digging at the large area rug, biting the corner of the coffee table and wrapped her leash around my bare leg first thing in the morning when I took them out for a bathroom break. It gave me an incredible rope burn. Joy.

Overall though we had a productive day. Since Belle was acting up I decided to take her out for a one on one walk. I thought maybe the bonding time between the two of us would make her more responsive to my training. It worked. Not only did she do good on the leash, and not bark at the dog who passed us on the sidewalk, she learned a thing or two. Today, Belle learned to shake hands, play dead, come when whistled at, her name, settle down, and hug! She reviewed sit, lay down, stay, good girl, and no. Missy learned to shake hands, hug, come when whistled at, settle down, and go to bed! She reviewed her name, sit, and stay. I tried working on go to bed with Belle but since she is not treat motivated it was extremely difficult. She isnt even close to getting it yet but over all they made great progess. But a positive training method and a lot of patience. I try to make the training sessions a game for them so we can both enjoy ourselves instead of it being some kind of serious matter. I dont use force or really any kind of physical contact except for when im petting them and praising them. I will note that I think its important to rub your dogs neck and back every time they come when called. This reinforces the habit of coming within arms reach when they come to you instead of just stopping right in front of you. Missy and Belle both sit on their own now when i get the leashes out. they stay still for the most part while I put theirs on. Im very proud of their progress. We have got a bright future ahead 🙂 For now? We’re just taking it one bark at a time. Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow to see how we handle : THEIR FIRST BATH (bum bum bummmmm) <- scary music


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First time dog owner of two puppies documenting the training and growing process
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