Day 7: Puppies First Bath

Hot dog we finally made it! (sorry couldnt resist another pun.) In one week we have managed to go through two collar clips (courtesy of Missy), cleaned up poop and pee in the house, had their first walk, their first tussle with the vaccum cleaner, their first dog fight, our first case of barking at a dog on the tv screen, some diaherea, a knocked over lamp, a carboard box that didnt stand a chance, some shoes were attacked, one clawed up couch, their first bath and ALOT of energy. We survived! Cue the fan fare!!!

So the day started out pretty normally. Practiced just the basic commands with them (as I will do on Day 8) as they have been more stubborn than usually these past couple days. That went alright. Belle was much more oblivious than Missy when it came to training but thats nothing new. I havent found that one thing that sparks her attention and keeps it. Not toys or treats or praise or funny noises. Her attention span is so miniscule it is almost non exsisitent. Daniel is working with her on that via (believe it or not) staring contests. He just holds her there and makes her stare at him. Its completely harmless and it looks a little silly but believe it or not it seems to be working.

Late afternoon was upon us and it was time again to take the puppies out for a potty break. Daniel was able to make it home earlier than usual which was awesome. Therfor he helped me with their potty break by grabbing one of the leashes. Perhaps he shouldnt have. You see although he has raised dogs in the past they were all with the help of his father and mother who did most of the work on that during that day while he was a child off in school. so im sure to him it looked like obediance just happened. He is a much smarter man than to actually think that but he does seem to assume the dogs learn at a much more rapid pace then they do and he assumes they pick up some commands on their own, without even being taught. I dont mean this as an insult and he hasnt admitted to assuming any of these things but his actions this afternoon have driven me to the conclusion that he is assuming some off the wall things about our dogs. You see when we let them out side our neighbors let their dogs outside at the same time. I was worried at first because the first time our German Shepherd, Belle, met their black and tan coon hound, Sweetpea, Sweetpea was not a fan of her. Alot of growling and snarling and pulling Belle off of her. Belle just wanted to play but that black and tan was not having it. However this was only their second encounter today and for no reason at all Sweetpea did a 180. She was more than happy to play with both dogs and they wrestled around at our feet. It was adorable. My husband stood their talking to our neighbor about just everday stuff when suddenly he says, “I wonder how they will do off the leash!” Mind you I have mostly been working with both to come when whistled at indoors. Except for potty breaks we really havent practiced outside where there are more distractions because Im not yet confident in their indoor ability and outdoor will be much harder to master. For some strange reason though I took the bait. I thought, “Hey if we only let one off the leash then we can catch it if something happens. Besides that dog will just follow the neighbors dogs around who are trained to come when called and go outside without a leash. This could work” So I nervously agreed to my husband’s request. He chose Belle. Although she has a shorter attention span for these kind of training excersizes she is less hyper than Missy and I guess he thought that gave her more of a chance. He eased into it by putting the lesh on the floor and stepping on itif she tried to take off. It seemed to work so I tried it with Missy. The leash came out from underneath my foot and off she went!!! It took a couple tries but we got her off chasing her new playmates around and back into my (not so) capable hands. Still my husbande proceeded with Belle positive that she would be different. He uncooked her leash and watched her go. She ran after the neighbors dogs, towards the woods in the farside of our backyarde, in and out of both neighbors yards, and then we whistled. Oh my poor baby! She was deaf! She was suffering from spontaneous deafness! We whistled over and over again and she wasnt coming! She must not hear us! SMH. we shouldnt have known. It was common sense and we should have known. Not only did she run rampid and ignore our commands but she was instantly a bad influence on our neighbors dogs leading them farther int othe field than they normally go and chasing them closer and closer to the woods. Then out of nowhere just as my husband and a friend was closing in on Belle she decided she was bored with the woods and made a mad dash for the road! Straight towards all the moving vehicles she went as her mom stood their holding back Missy and panicking that my baby would get run over. A couple houses down some neighbors had a few dogs in a fence and Belle proceded to mock them by running back in forth right in front of their fence. In her defense they had it coming. Those suckers have been barking at her and Missy and taunting her during potty breaks all week! I would find it hard to do my busniess if someone was barking at me too! Unfortunately, that house was the last on our street and therrefor right next to the busy road. As long as she kept doing laps around the fence we had a chance of catching her.  It didnt work. She saw my husband coming and mad a dash for the road just as a car was coming. I had a heart attack. Well, almost. It felt like it anyways. At the last minute she changed her mind, ran past the boys, and madea beeline for the treeline. The neighbors dogs happily followed. Apparently she was the ned ADHD leader of the pack and she couldnt pay attention to anyone or anything for more than a few seconds. After what was proabably 30 minutes or more of chasing Belle was finally back in the house where she belonged along with a very jealous Missy. We all had our excersize for the day. But we didnt leave without renewing our plans with the neighbors to check out the local dog park together. Perhaps this weekend? We will have to see.

I dont have much to fill you in about as far as the evening goes only because we went out to eat then went grocery shopping and needless to say the dogs did not accompany us. Especially after those shenanigans. We did, however, have great fun when we returned. I say this with just a dose of sarcasm. Tonight we attempted bath time with the babies. First up was Missy. I believed she was a bath virgin. When we got her she seemed clean and well groomed but I suspet the simply wet a sudsy wash cloth and cleaned her that way. Not us! Go big or go home remember? We brought her upstairs and filled up that bath tub so it hit just below her knees. I hope I dont have to explain why you dont fill up a bathtub to normal heright when washing a dog. Once it was filled Missy was in. She fought a bit going in but that didnt work. When she was in the bathtub we took our hands off her to see what she would do. The poor dear face planted! She tried to get a running start towards the wall (what she planned on doing once she got there I have no clue), realized she cant run in water with a soapy bathrub, slipped, and lost her balance. Dont worry she didnt hurt herself. She just gave us a good splash thats all. Still I thought it best she learn frst hand why its best to stand still when getting washed than try to fight with her to hold her down the whole time. Turns out we wouldnt have had to. After that experiance she was thuroughly freaked out. She didnt know what this wet contraption was but it was NOT letting her run. She spent the rest of bath time shaking her little butt off. She laid her head on the side of the bath looking up at me with those puppy eyse. “Why would you do this to me? What am I being punished for?” My poor little angel hated batht time 😦 Thankfully she is short haired so she dried off fast and was on her merry way.

Next us was Big ol Belle.I picked her up and brought her upstairs since (for safety reasons) they had been trained not to go up the stairs. Our stairwell is narrow and they could easily trip and hurt someone while pushing past them when going up and down. I didnt want to risk this so up until tonight they had never been up there. Belle of course tried to use brute force to get out of the tub. She almost made it out once! However she was not as scared of the water as Missy was. She sat down a few times and even layed down once in it. However her tale was minus its normal wag compacity. Actually there was no wagging at all. She seemed content but still nto happy to be there. More like she knew what had to be done and was willing to cooperate to make that happen. Fine by me. Made things alot easier. But both dogs did try to run away from the water when it came time to rinse, smh. Turns out Belle is scared of the hair dryer too. Since her fur is much thicker than Missy’s I thought about trying the hair dryer to see how that would work. It really didnt do much for her but it was worth a shot. Its ment to dry hair not fur. When that air hit her in the face she slapped herself. She tried to run away from it. Note to self no hair dryer next time. Overall? Except for some soaking wet clothes our wash time was hastle free 🙂

Thats it for these puppy tails! Tune in this weekend to see how the day at the dog park turns out 🙂

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First time dog owner of two puppies documenting the training and growing process
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